Adapt Natural Fall Wreaths to Add Interest for Every Season

Juniper-and-Bittersweet Rake Wreath

Change the Flowers; Change the Colors; Create Wreaths for Every Season

Modern Marvel

Fall Pumpkin Basket Wreath

Twig-and-Flowers Fall Wreath

Bright Bittersweet Wreath

Bittersweet Vines and Chinese Lanterns


Pussy Willow Wreath

Fall Coloring

During Fall, Use the Garden’s Bounty of Red Leaves & Berries

Indian Corn Fall WreathCorn-and-Husks Wreath

Sunburst Cornhusk Wreath

Wheat Welcome Wreath


Harvest Horseshoe

Cornucopia Wreath

Fall Foliage

Contemporary Crop

Fall Gold

Chrysanthemum Floral Wreath

From BHG Online

Pheasant Feather Fall Wreath

Pumpkin Ring


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