Energize a Winter Cottage Garden with Containers, Evergreen, & Color

Follow Tradition

Here, several varieties of pine boughs and juniper combine dramatically in a bright red pot with sprays of winterberry and redtwig dogwood. Dried eucalyptus seeds, also painted red, add to the display.

Jewels of the winter landscape, long-lasting berries are a delight to wildlife and humans. While some trees and shrubs produce fruit that is consumed as soon as it ripens, such as sweet cherries, other plants produce persistent fruit. This foodstuff is not the first choice for wildlife, but when other forage is scarce they rely on it to get them through the winter. Plants for winter interest and wildlife include dogwood, highbush cranberry, and other types of viburnums.

Berried in Splendor

A standout in the winter landscape, redtwig dogwood (Cornus sericea) sparkles with its red bark. (Also, look for unique yellow cultivars at the garden center.)

Enhance Your Staircase with Twigs

Fill Window Boxes with Color

Embrace Branches

Go Natural

Reuse Materials

Christmas Light Planter

Pinecone and Birch Winter Containers

Mossy Branches

Article & Images from BHG



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