Add Rabbits to Your Cottage Garden – Recycle Their Hay & Their Natural Source of Fertilizer


ImageIn my preceding post, I shared instructions for building a raised bed.  It calls for quantities of hay and natural fertilizer.  This year, I have bought some rabbits; and when it gets warmer, I plan to provide them with a large, garden play area.  I must admit that Beatrix Potter and Mr. McGregor’s Garden run deeply within me; and I plan to try to recreate as much of that feeling as possible.

ImageIt is encouraging that, in producing the fertilizer that I need,  my rabbits have already begun aiding my garden efforts. Because I am recycling it, I don’t even feel that that their hay is a wasted expense.

Following is a diagram showing what you need to create a raised bed.  As you see, my rabbits are coming in handy.

building a vegetable garden the natural gardening way


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