Thatched Roof Is Great Foundation for A Roof Garden

Gardens: Roof gardens


This one is a combination roof and wall garden [or vertical garden].

In one previous posting, I shared how to construct a thatched roof:

And in another posting, I shared how to build and layer a raised garden:

building a vegetable garden the natural gardening way

Since straw is a primary ingredient of both a raised garden and a thatched roof, it seems logical to turn a thatched roof into a rooftop Garden; and I have a perfect potting shed to try just that.


My potting shed is actually an old well house.  It was apparently built for hobbits and/or very short people.  I love the old wood inside the building; and I wanted to preserve as much of it as possible.  Yet, I also wanted to be able to stand up in at least part of the building.  Above the doorway, I raised a section of roof.  I covered the side opening with plastic.

The old roof leaked; and I covered that with tar paper. I’ll  add a thatched roof on top of that. Since a thatched roof should be about 12 inches deep, the side opening should be covered; but I plan to build a vertical wall along that opening before I begin thatcing the rest.

On the following post, I showed a Wally being used for a vertical planter.

I  am saving several hundred dollars by creating my wallys with tarps that I have purchased from discount stores.

I’ll hang my wall planter by the tarp’s grommets.






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