Watch Old British Series All Creatures Great and Small for a Cottage Garden Experience

Askrigg, Yorkshire

I have discovered on Netflix the old, British television series All Creatures Great and Small.  From the first scene, when I was drawn through the weaving stone walls and countryside, I was transported.File:Path to Pen y Ghent.JPG

.File:Footbridge over Kex Beck - - 1042802.jpg


While the series is not a riveting drama, it is definitely wholesome and refreshing.  The episodes are based on the James Herriot books, where he recalls his experiences as a country vet.

All Creatures Great And Small

Filming started in 1977, not in the Moors but in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which offered vast expanses of protected land that lacked the telltale signs of modern development and made filming a period drama much easier.File:Thornydale Laithe, Yorkshire Dales National Park - - 205391.jpg

In the books, the veterinary practice was based in the fictitious village of Darrowby. For the TV series, Askrigg in Upper Wensleydale became Darrowby.Yorkshire Dales


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