Forsythia & Other Buds Promise That Spring Is On Its Way

File:Hoarfrost - Indianapolis IN - 2009-02-05 (5).JPG

Last week was the coldest week that I remember in quite a while. There was snow and the wind chill was in negative digits for days. Actual temperatures dipped into lower single digits. The ground was frozen solid.  I know that because two days ago I tried unsuccessfully to transplant a rose.

Yet, today the temperature was in the 40’s and I transplanted several roses; dug holes to set posts for arbors; etc.  As I scratched around, I noticed that the forsythia was beginning to bud and several of my spring bulbs have begun to edge upward.

While I am tempted to take these brave soldiers inside and to force their early bloom, I have decided to wait for the absolute rush that I know is moving close behind.


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