When To Transplant Seeds Started Indoors

File:Monocot vs dicot crop Pengo.jpgDicot Sprout on the Right

Most plants are dicots and will sprout with a pair of matching leaves.  These first leaves are not the plant’s true leaves.  In fact, these first sprouts look similar in most plants.  It is safe to transplant, when the plant develops its first pair of TRUE leaves [those that look like the grown plant’s leaves].


True Leaves of a Tomato Plant

When the plant develops its true leaves, it an be transplanted into a large pot, with regular potting soil, or if the weather is warm enough, it can go outside.  Adequate lighting and even moisture is essential. However, at no time should the roots be drowned. Water should not stand in the bottom of the pot.

Grasses, Wheat, Herbs, Orhids, Lilies, Sunflowers, & Other Flowers are monocots.

The monocot is on the left of the top image.  Therefore, do not be surprised that some sprouts do not seem to have the expected pair of leaves when sprouting.


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