Don’t Throw Your Christmas Tree Away — Use Every Part of the Buffalo


Don’t throw your Christmas tree away–at least not if  you want to build a rustic arbor, fence, etc.

Vermont Rustic Cedar.

I don’t live in a forest [although I wish I did]; but during the weeks following Christmas a forest of trees appears on the curbs of my town–awaiting garbage pick up. This  year I decided to help the garbage men and to pick up some of the trees myself.  I brought them home; trimmed the limbs [I used the limbs for fill]; and began building a rustic arbor.

I also pick up the bags of leaves that my neighbors put out for the garbage men.  I compost them; [leaves are great for attrating earthworms to your garden:,    use them for fill; and put them in my greenhouse for warmth.File:Maple-leaves-fall.jpg

After Halloween,I pick up the discarded pumpkins, I crack them open; and the critters eat the seeds for months. Then I compost them. File:Pumpor.jpg


I am reminded of the scene in the series Jericho, where Gail Green said the following to her husband the Mayor:

Gail Green: You are going to admire this ridiculous pumpkin with me and then we are going to try and eat the pumpkin together because we use every part of the buffalo in this house. Is that understood?


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