Will Any Vegetable Plants Tolerate Partial Shade?

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“All plants need some sun, to grow well, but there are a few vegetables that will tolerate and even appreciate partial shade. This is especially true during the hottest days of the growing season. Afternoon shade would be a relief after a few hours of intense morning sun. You can even grow some vegetables in areas near tree branches, that are in dappled shade for most of the day.

Leaf Lettuce Harvest

File:Weather-sun-unsettled.svg Leafy Salad Greens Tolerate Some Shade

Leafy salad greens are staples in the spring garden. They like the cool, dewy days early in the season and you can succession plant most of them for a long harvest period. It gets a little tricky to keep them growing in the hottest part of the summer. They are slow to germinate in hot, dry weather and quick to blot to seed when they do grow. You can wait until the temperatures cool again, in the fall. Or you can take advantage of a shady spot in the garden, even behind taller corn or tomato plants, and keep them going all summer

File:Weather-sun-unsettled.svg1.  Lettuce and Spinach Will Grow in 3 to 4 hours of sun per day.

File:Weather-sun-unsettled.svg2.  Mustard Greens will actually be more tender if grown in partial shade–3 to 4 hours of sun per day.File:Allium schoenoprasum, flowers.jpg

File:Weather-sun-unsettled.svg3.  Herbs – Chives, Cilantro, Mint, Parsley, & Oregano will grow with 3 hours of sun per day.

File:The garden delivers carrots.jpg

File:Weather-sun-unsettled.svg4.  Root Vegetables – Carrots, Turnips, Radishes, & Potatoes Will Grow with 4 to 5 hours of sun per day.

File:French beans J1.JPG

File:Weather-sun-unsettled.svg5.  Peas and Green Beans Will Grow in 4 to 5 hours of sun per day

Peas and green beans like cooler temperatures. They need some sun to produce flowers and pods, but they tend to fade out as the temperature warms. Planting them in a cool shady spot will lengthe

Bush beans are a better choice for shade than pole beans. Pole varieties start producing beans later in the season and they need sunshine to grow the vines that will eventually hold the beans. Bush beans are quick growers and, like peas, appreciate a little cooling off in the afternoon. (4-5 hours of sun per day)

Vegetables that produce fruits, like tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplant, really need all the sun they can get.

If you are going to try growing vegetables in shade, remember that they still need plenty of water. And water and shade are perfect conditions for snails and slugs. You’ll need to be especially diligent in scouting for these slimy creatures, or they will wipe out your harvest.”

Credits for the information in this artile:  http://gardening.about.com/od/vegetable1/tp/Shade-Vegetables.htm


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