Who Was the god Janus & Why Is Janus A Perfect Name for Our Winter Storm


The god Janus had two heads.  One is said to be looking backward–to the past; and one is looking forward–to what lies ahead.

The Winter Storm Janus is very appropriately named–not only because  this is January storm [January is named for the god Janus], but because the storm has arrived when my mind is no longer focused on winter.  I have already begun starting some of my early winter seeds–my heart is leaping toward March.  In fact, I was just at the market, where they have already begun selling potted daffodils and crocuses.  I bought primroses last week.

File:Narcissus asturiensis.jpg

While this week Janus seems to be primarily looking backward–focusing on the Ghost of Winter Past, I prefer to celebrate Janus’s other vision–the Spring that is yet to come [but surfacing nearby].


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