My Garden Room & Studio

My Garden Room is about 10′ x 20′  it is a sunroom attached to a game room [part of my studio] that is about 30′ x 15′   This view shows the right end of the Garden Room, which has a set of glass doors that open to a lean-to greenhouse.

The left end has a pair of glass doors opening to the outside.  I paint at this desk.

This shows an old, wooden ladder that I have transformed into a planting shelf.  This ladder is set against a 9′ wide glass door that opens into a greenhouse

The greenhouse is a lean-to, leaning against a bedroom that is on the same floor as the studio. The greenhouse floor is dirt. It is actually a raised bed that I have been preparing for quite some time. The bed terraces upwards; and a pond/waterfall is set in the upper terrace.

The wall behind the metal heron is a temporary one.  I am building a much higher terrace there.  There is another 18′ wide area that has the roof studs ready; and I’ll place  a clear roof there before next winter.  The plan is that there will be a fairly high waterfall dropping from phase 2 into the pond that I have already set.


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