Grow Vegetables and Herbs in Containers – Great for Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening

Stagger Height

Stagger Container Height …create a grouping to offer additional interest. These four containers filled with cucumber, tomato, pepper, basil, thyme, and parsley add lots of visual appeal to a landscape

Grow Up

Tomatoes and Basil Grown in Hanging BasketEnjoy Climbers

Climbing Cucumber and Rosemary

Provide Support

Cucumber, Beans, and/or Peas in an Obelisk with nasturtiums

Match Your Style

See how nasturtiums, signet marigolds, peppers, tomatoes, basil, and pineapple sage fill this area with cottage garden elegance.

Go Upside Down

Grow Upside Down

Rustic Chicken Feeder

Rusted Chicken Feeder as a Container

Pretty Painted Wooden Box

Painted Box

Green Enamelware


Sewing Desk Drawer


Be Creative

Recycled Wine Crates planted with strawberries, thumbelina carrots, lettuce

Add Color with Containers

Colorful planters cheery shades of blue, orange, and yellow instantly add interest to a display of purple basil, Hungarian Wax pepper, tomato, parsley, and golden oregano


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