Photoshop Can Help You Turn Your Garden Blog Into A Planner


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de St. Exupery

I used Photoshop’s Custom Shape Tools to create a rough outline of the part of my garden that lies to the left and immediately behind my sunroom.  Most of the features noted in this plan are already in place–but in some crude form.

The following trellis is indicated on my map as the red trellis extending from the back of the garage across the path that leads .down the middle of the garden.

In the photo, you can see the fencing that extends behind the entrance.  That is indicated in red by more red trellis work.  This trellis is just a frame now–a very rough frame.  I do all my garden work alone; and I have just accepted that I cannot hold things and erect plumb structures.  Therefore, I tack up a “tacky” frame to hold everything in place.  You can see more of that crude frame behind my whimsical obelisk Ava Gardener:

When things warm outside,  I’ll replace the  temporary frame with better posts and lumber.  I’ll paint that and create a white trellis, which completely wraps the path down the middle.  I’ll grow climbing roses on the side of the trellis next to the pond.  Because I’ll have a vegetable and herb garden on the side next to the house and because I don’t enjoy being repeatedly gouged by my roses while I am picking vegetables, I’ll grow climbing flowers, peas, vegetables, etc., on the trellis that is not next to the pond.  Note the strings hanging in the foreground.  That is where I have already begun planting peas

During the next phase, I’ll extend the trellis around the pond; and I’ll pull the roses further away from the house.

I am in the middle of town; and I don’t have chickens; therefore, the coop is not a chicken coop. Last spring, some mallard ducks spent several weeks on my pond.  Lady chased them; and they ultimately nested at the end of my street, on the open bay.  I have built the trellis in front of the pond [essentially blocking my view of it], so that I can keep Lady away from it this spring.  There is a very rough structure in place at the spot marked coop.  I plan to get some baby ducklings this spring; and if I am successful in keeping them that long, I’ll finish the coop for their winter protection.

There is a fairly large open area between the path down the middle and the walls of the house and garage.  During Phase 2 or 3, I hope to pull a lean-to greenhouse over this area, which already has water and electricity.  This will be my ugly greenhouse.  The reality is that much of things that grow inside [flats of seeds being started, orchids that are not blooming, etc.,] are not cute.  The empty pots, tools, and fertilizers are not particularly cute either.

On this side of the house, the greenhouse will be a practical work space.  I hope to grow both flowers and vegetables  in there.  Until I can heat it, this plan will not work during the coldest parts of winter; but an interior garden will extend my harvest considerably.

I also plan to put my rabbits in this area. Near the water faucet and next to the light, there is access to the house.  This will make it easy for me to tend to my bunnies next winter.  The greenhouse will make it warmer for them.

This brings me to another important point.  The greenhouses also make my house warmer and easier to heat.  By wrapping my house with greenhouses, I effectively insulate it from the elements, which can be brutal during the winter.


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