Plans for Vertical Garden on House Wall Backing the Trellis Garden

How to build a pallet vertical garden and a DIY plastic wall garden


The house wall in this area is long, high, and almost entirely blank.  On the other side of the outside wall, there is a large family-type room [15′ x 18′] that is on the lower part of a split-level house.  There is only one, small basement window that is next to the door behind the garage.  Because the wall is farthest away from the light and because there are no windows allowing light into the family room way, that wall is ideal for a  wall garden.  My plan is to set planters all along that wall.  I’ll be be making those planters and attaching them during March ; I am creating raised beds in this entire area;  The beds  need to line the house wall and extend about 3 feet.  I’ll  grow strawberries, lettuce, and herbs in the planters and grape tomatoes between them–encouraging the tomatoes to grow along the planters and be supported by them.

The planters will also provide support for the posts that I continue to add for the greenhouse that will ultimately go there.

I should finish the bed next to the fence first [February] and plant the peas along that fence and Brussels sprouts behind them.

I should begin to extend the rafters for the greenhouse and set posts those rafters between the planters.


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