Red Winterberry for Color in the Winter Garden


Ilex Verticillata ‘Winter Red’

Winter Red produces loads of bright-red berries on a large plant that grows 6 to 9-feet tall and wide. The growth is upright and mounded. The red berries will make this plant the focal point of your garden in the fall and winter. The birds will eat the fruit throughout the winter and into spring. In the fall and early winter, cut some of the fruited branches for indoor decoration. Pollinated by ‘Southern Gentleman.’  Very winter hardy to Zone 3.

Blossom color: small, green, insignificant
Bloom time: early June
Fruit: Clusters of red fruit persist all winter.
Size: 6′ to 9′ tall and wide
Shape: Upright shrub
Uses: Accent plant, shrub border, hedge or naturalistic planting. Attracts birds.
Hardiness: Zones 3-9
Native: to eastern North America


ilexverticulata5 ilexverticulata3

The Ilex verticulata female of the winterberry species should be planted near a male.  Southern gentleman is a recommended male.


More about Ilex verticillata ‘Southern Gentleman’:

While Ilex v. ‘Southern Gentleman’ is best for pollinating southern winterberry varieties, Ilex v. ‘Jim Dandy’ is a compact male pollinator for all northern types. One male plant can pollinate many female plants. A good rule of thumb is one male to six females. One can determine the sex of a winterberry when it is in bloom by examining the small flowers. If the flowers have projecting stamens, it is a male plant. If the flowers only have a rounded bump in the center, then it is a female plant. ‘Southern Gentleman’ requires no more effort to grow than any other winterberry, looking only for regular moisture, although they are quite adaptable to a range of sites. ‘Southern Gentleman’ was named and introduced by the nurseryman Bob Simpson, of Vincennes, Indiana.


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