Air Drying Flowers


This simple method works best for certain types of flowers and has been used historically. In this method you simply cut the flowers just before they fully bloom, tie them by the stems, and hang upside down in a dry, dark location where air circulation is good. Air flow is important as you do not want them to mold before they dry. Attics are ideal. Globe amaranth, statice, cattails, celosia, baby’s breath, cockscomb, and many herbs are well suited for air drying. Blue and yellow flowers generally keep their colors well using this method. Most seed heads and some foliage respond well to this method too. You can use hangers to suspend bunches of plants from, or create a drying rack by laying flowers on a screen which has been lifted up by blocks, bricks, or books to let air flow around the flower. Roses and fuller flowers can be dried on a drying rack but remember reds will turn to an almost black color.

Spray lacquers, even hairspray, are good additional method after drying for preserving seed heads, cattails, fruits, and cones. Many beautiful dried flower arrangements are possible from this easy drying method.


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