Tips for Drying Roses in the Microwave


Invariably, a year’s actual Christmas proves to be a launching pad for me to begin my preparations for the next Christmas.  January 1, I began several projects.  One of them is an effort to create a Dried Flower Christmas Tree like the one at Winterthur.


1  The Dried Flower Christmas Tree at Winterthur2

I have dried my first roses and attached them to an artifical tree that I got on Craigslist [free].

In the above photo, you see the roses before I dried them.

I used the microwave to help dry the roses; and I have already learned a few things–from my mistakes. You need to use a very wide-mouthed jar that will both fit in your microwave and that has a tight-fitting lid. I had a jar the size of a medium canister; and that is perfect. If the opening is too narrow, the roses cannot be removed. I filled the jar 1/4 full of silica gel and used that as a base to hold the roses, as I poured in the remaining silica. I placed the jar [without the lid] in the microwave for a minute and a half. I removed the jar and immediately screwed on the lid.  I allowed the dried mix to stand for 10 hours; and then I gently removed the flowers and attached them to my tree.


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