What Is Growing Now In My June New Jersey Cottage Garden


This is my Garden Angel. He has been part of this spot for years.


This is my Heron, standing in a bunch of Caladiums.

He stands above a water lily pond [that actually has pink and white lilies blooming].

Immediately behind him are my single Hollyhocks and behind those is an arbor.  I bought these full-grown and blooming this year [2015].


This hollyhock plant is a reseeded plant from one that was in this spot last summer.  Last summer’s plant was peach.  It came up from a mixed packet of wildflower seeds.  This is the only thing that returned, but the reseeded plant is a different color.

Hollyhocks are not perennials.  They are biennials.  Although the exact plant will not likely return another year, it very likely will reseed and produce a relative–or one might say that the plant is reincarnated.

I have also planted some very small hollyhock plants this year.  They are doubles.

You cannot tell it yet, but roses are planted to grow on the trellis. They are cut back now. I have:

1. White Sallly Holmes [its buds are apricot],

2. Pink Zephirine Drouhin,

3. Purple Stormy Weather

4. Golden Autumn Sunset

5. Red Don Juan

Most of the rest of my back, side yard [around the Angel] is a free, Cottage-Style planting of perennials. There is barely room to walk amidst the flowers. I do not value the growing of grassy lawns.

1. Bee Balm [Monarda], Super Puprple Daylily, Orange Daylily, Cleome

2. Super Purple Daylily

3. Miss Amelia Daylily [pale, pale yellow–almost white]

4. Common, country, almost wild orange daylily


5.  Red Daylily that I found hovering in a shady spot.

6.  I have a few Shasta Daisies blooming


7. I only have a few rudbeckias blooming now. The black eyes will pop next month


8.  Red Cone Flower

9.  The Montauk Daisies are growing but they have not bloomed yet.

10.  The saucer-sized hibiscus plants are growing but the blooms will pop next month.


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