Page Dickey On Farmland – Gardens in the Spirit of Place


“I’ve always loved the look of farmland.  The sight of neat rows of vegetables gives me pleasure.  I love the satisfying pattern of orchards, their strict geometry contrasting with thte graceful branching of the fruit trees.  I find charming the ridiculous scale of a towering vase-shaped elm of a row of massive maples shading a diminutive clapboard farmhouse.  I love to see the twisted trunks of old lilacs by a barn door, or stiff rows of gladiolas in modest front yards.


“I thrill to the golden stripes formed by hay just cut, or hay bales rolled and resting like great pale sculptures on the stubbled groun.  There is poetry in the simple formality of agricultural patterns, and a plainness, a homeliness that is appealing.”  Dickey, Gardens in the Spirit of Place, p. 15.

Bluebird Hill Farm 084b


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