Plant Some Vincent Van Gogh in Your Garden

This year I am trying to bring some of my favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh, into my garden. My garden has always been wild and a bit unkempt–a quality that I like in Van Gogh’s work, but this year I have planted a lot of the typical Van Gogh color schemes–complementary pairings of blues, red oranges, and school bus yellow.


Red or red orange and pink and green are complements and most gardens have a bit of that color scheme somewhere–either pinks and greens and/or reds and greens .  You don’t see as much of the red and green combo in Van Gogh’s art, but it is there.

angeljuly1 11264820_10207084655737883_5397429505643085194_n


Dutch blue and school bus yellow are also complements–this is a scheme that dominates my favorite of Van Gogh’s art–


And blue and orange are complements. 



My garden market was selling orange coneflowers for a great price [3 for $5], and I bought several. Like Van Gogh’s oranges and yellows, these coneflowers are somewhere between the two colors. As usual, I have planted yellow rudbeckia, blue asters and blue hydrangeas.

In art, when you place complementary colors side by side, they shriek.  Complementary pairings are responsible for much of what I love about Van Gogh’s paintings.

Things in my garden are just beginning to pop. We’ll see how this turns out.


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