A Clematis Primer

Large-flowered Hybrids

  • ‘Barbara Jackman’-8 feet in height, flowers May-June. Vigorous, bushy plant. Flowers are 4 inches in diameter, deep purplish-blue with bright magenta bar and large, creamy-yellow stamens. Fades to mauve-blue. Group B pruning.
  • ‘Comtesse de Bouchard’-6 to 8 feet in height, flowers July-August. Easy to grow, prolific bloomer; a good plant for smaller spaces. Flowers are 4 to 6 inches in diameter, pink with creamy stamens. Group C pruning.
  • ‘Hagley Hybrid’-8 feet in height, flowers June-September. Flowers are 4 inches in diameter, pale mauve pink, fading to a washed out pink. Stamen filaments are white and anthers purple-red. Vigorous grower. Group B/C pruning.
  • C. x jackmanii-8 to 10 feet in height, blooms July-August. Flowers are 4 to 5 inches in diameter and deep bluish-purple. Free flowering. Group B pruning.
  • ‘Marie Boisselot’-8 to 12 feet in height, flowers June-September. Opening flower buds are flushed with lilac-pink, flowers are 8 inches in diameter, white with creamy stamens. Strong grower. Group B pruning.

  • ‘Mrs. Cholmondeley’ [above]-20 feet in height, flowers May-October. A “foolproof” plant. Blooms are light lavender blue, paler along the midrib, filaments white and anthers brown. Group B/C pruning.

 Nelly Moser

‘Nelly Moser’-8 to 10 feet in height, flowers May-June and September. Flowers are 8 inches in diameter, pale rosy mauve with a central carmine colored midrib; dark maroon anthers. Flowers will fade badly in full sun; provide some shade for this plant. Group B pruning.

  • ‘Niobe’-8 feet in height, flowers June-September. Cup shaped bloom opens dark ruby-red then turns to bright ruby red with cream stamen. First flowers are 6 inches in diameter, later ones 4 inches in diameter. Moderate grower with some bloom throughout the season. Group B/C pruning.

  • ‘Perle d’Azur’-16 feet in height. Flowers continuously early summer to mid-autumn. Blooms are 4 to 6 inches in diameter, sky blue with green stamens. Group B pruning.

  • ‘Vyvyan Pennell’-8 feet in height. Flowers June and September. Flowers are 6 to 8 inches in diameter, double at first, single later. Deep violet-blue blooms suffused with purple-red; golden stamens. Group B pruning


integrifolia Durandii 5502 June-Sept. 4’ – 6’ Blue (C. integrifolia x C. Jackmanii). Rich indigoblue, nodding flowers with deeply ribbed sepals opening wide, 3” dia., stamens off-white. Habit is semi-herbaceous, and non-clinging, ideal to grow through a small shrub (mine meanders through a Hydrangea ‘Snow Queen’), or trailing through a perennial border. Flowers continuously spring to fall. Good for cutting. Pruning C.

integrifolia Petit Faucon (Evisix) 5504 June-Sept. 2’ – 3’ Blue Raised by Raymond Evison, this beauty was a chance seedling of Daniel Deronda and either integrifolia or Eriostemon, and it is a winner! The stunning deep indigo, bell-like flowers are complemented by the bright yellow stamens which are displayed by the twisting sepals as the flowers open. Non-clinging habit. Silvery seedheads are tightly whorled and long-lasting. Wonderful in conjunction with gray-foliaged plants. Good underplanting for roses, too. Easy and reliable. Highly recommended! Pruning C.

viticella Betty Corning 4003 June-Sept. 8’ – 10’ Lilac This plant was named after Mrs. Erastus Corning II, who discovered it in a garden in Albany, NY when she moved there as a bride. Recognizing the outstanding qualities of the plant, she had it propagated and made sure that it was distributed. She was a great friend to us here at the nursery, and visited us regularly to purchase this variety as gifts for her friends. I can’t think of a greater tribute to a wonderful lady than to have this plant named for her. If I could only have one clematis in my garden this would unhesitatingly be my choice. A hybrid of C. viticella x C. crispa, it embodies the best features of both plants. Flowers are lightly fragrant, delicate pale lilac, nodding flaring bells, 2 ½” – 3” diameter, and it is an extraordinarily prolific bloomer. Foliage is finely cut and rugged, no leaf spots here! This is the first viticella to bloom for us in the spring. Sunny exposures will produce the maximum number of flowers but she will tolerate some shade. Pruning C.

viticella Blue Belle 4011 June-Sept. 10’ – 12’ Blue This variety was lost to cultivation for many years until re-introduced by Raymond Evison in the 1980s and, as he says, possesses all the advantages of the large-flowered varieties without the disadvantage of the dreaded wilt. It is a sturdy grower, like the rest in this group, and bears many 4” – 5” flowers with six sepals and deep violet-blue in colour, with a central boss of contrasting yellow stamens. Excellent, easy grower. Pruning C.

viticella Emilia Plater 4017 June-Aug. 10’ – 12’ Blue Named after a Polish heroine, this hybrid raised by Father Stefan Franczak has 4” violet-blue slightly nodding flowers with a deeper central bar and yellow stamens. A robust and prolific bloomer, this is a great companion for roses or to grow through shrubs for mid-summer colour. Pruning C.

viticella Etoile Violette 4004 July-Sept. 8’ – 12’ Purple Rich deep purple, velvety flowers with creamy stamens, 3” – 4” diameter, attractive foliage. Very tough and floriferous. Wonderful combined with a white clematis. Does not fade.

Pruning C. viticella Kermesina (syn. rubra) 4018 June-Sept. 10’ – 12’ Red This variety produces masses of bright red 2 ½” semi-nodding flowers with brown stamens and a white blotch at the base of the sepals. Foliage is clean and handsome. A light background will help display the flowers well. An excellent trouble-free plant. Pruning C.

viticella Little Nell 4015 June-Aug. 10’ – 12’ White (frequently confused with and misnamed Minuet) Creamy white 1 ½” somewhat nodding open bell-shaped flowers with mauvy edges. Very dainty and sweet. Prolific and vigorous. Wants to be planted where it can be appreciated up close. Pruning C.

viticella Madame Julia Correvon 4006 June-Oct. 8’ – 10’ Red Bright wine-red flowers with twisted, recurved sepals, golden stamens, 3” – 4” diameter. Extremely long flowering season if kept well fed and watered. Tidy, clean foliage, an easy and rewarding clematis which is without a doubt one of the best and most popular reds. For best colour, plant in sun to part shade. Pruning C.

viticella Margot Koster 4012 July-Sept. 8’ – 10’ Pink This variety has the largest flowers of the group, 4” to 6” on a mature plant Colour is deep rosypink with whitish stamens When in bloom the plant is an absolute sheet of colour. Prolific and robust, Margot is a sun-lover. Pruning C viticella Minuet 4005 June-Aug. 8’ – 10’ White This variety’s flowers are base white edged in red, 2”+ diameter, opening flat; instead of nodding like Little Nell’s, they look straight out at you with an altogether different effect. For some reason it is always in extremely short supply, so please inquire re availability! Pruning C.

viticella Polish Spirit 4010 July-Sept. 8’ – 10’ Purple Another of Father Stefan Franczak’s creations, this variety’s flowers are a rich, deep velvety purple, 3” – 4” diameter, much like Gypsy Queen in form, colour and texture, only smaller Unbelievably prolific. Site carefully to display these dark flowers to their best advantage— it looks wonderful paired with a pink rose or growing through a greyfoliaged shrub.

viticella Prince Charles 4011 June-Sept. 6’ – 8’ Blue This variety was raised in New Zealand and introduced by Jim Fisk in 1986. Flowers are mauve-blue, 3” – 4” diameter, and produced in great numbers through the summer. An easy, compact variety which makes an excellent companion for roses. Pruning C.

viticella Purpurea Plena Elegans 4007 July-Sept. 10’ – 12’ Red This is an old double form bearing 2” – Purple 2 ½” flowers, soft reddish-purple in colour. A delightful plant and an easy grower.

Pruning C viticella Royal Velours 4008 June-Sept. 10’ – 20’ Purple Very deep velvety reddish-purple flowers, the darkest in this group, 2 ½” – 3” diameter, freely borne through the summer. Looks great trailing over rocks or against a light backdrop to display the dark flowers to their best advantage. Pruning C

Image result for viticella Venosa Violacea

viticella Venosa Violacea 4009 July-Sept. 8’ – 10’ White/ This is a most interesting and showy variety, Purple with large 3” – 4” diameter flowers whose base colour is white with an overlay of purple veining which is darkest at the edges of the boat-shaped sepals. Words and even photos do not do this flower justice, it has to be seen to be fully appreciated. This is an excellent choice to use as a complement to gray-foliaged plants, and performs exceptionally well when grown prostrate over artemisias or stachys. Pruning C.


Gypsy Queen 0102 July-Oct. 10’ – 12’ VioletDeep rich violet-purple flowers 4” – 6” Purple diameter, velvety texture and red stamens. Freeflowering and vigorous. An excellent easy-togrow and non-fading variety. Pruning C.

Haku Ookan 0105 May-June 6’ – 8’ Deep A Japanese hybrid whose name means “White & Sept. Purple Royal Crown”, this is definitely a regal flower with lustrous, long, tapering deep rich purple sepals and prominent white stamens. Will throw semi-double flowers when it feels like it, but even the single flowers are spectacular. Flower diameter is 6” – 8”. Give it full sun for optimum flowering. Pruning A.

Jackmanii Superba 0114 June-Aug. 10’ – 12’ Purple This has a redder cast than C. x Jackmanii, which gives it a brighter effect, and the flowers are better formed, with broader sepals and yellow stamens. Pruning C.

Lady Betty Balfour 0109 Sept.-Oct. 12’ – 14’ Purple Wonderful deep rich purple 6” diameter flowers with wide overlapping sepals and contrasting yellow stamens. Blooms are occasionally tinged with green, generally a response to cold. This is an extremely vigorous plant & a prolific bloomer, provided it is planted in full sun because of its late flowering period. In general, this clematis will perform best in areas which enjoy long autumns, and is not recommended for locations where the cold weather arrives early. Southern exposure best. Pruning C.

Mme. Grange 0112 July-Oct. 8’ – 12’ Purple This is a really interesting plant, with 6” – 8” red diameter flowers of a velvety deep, dusky purplered with incurving sepals which display the silvery underside. Stamens are reddish-beige. The rich colour of this clematis is absolutely stunning when paired with plants with limegreen or variegated foliage (thank you, Barry Fretwell!). It also looks splendid with coral or yellow roses. Pruning C. Perrin’s Pride 0110 June-Oct. 8’ – 10’ Deep This is an American hybrid, raised by Arthur purple Steffen of Long Island, and is a cross between C. x Jackmanii and Ville de Lyon, and, like its parents, has rounded sepals and the same tendency to become bare at the base as the season progresses. Flowers are large, 6” – 7” diameter, and the colour is a deep, rich, velvety purple, with contrasting golden stamens. Try it trailing through low-growing perennials or on a low wall for a smashing mid- and late-summer display. Pruning C.

Royal Velvet 0106 May-June, 6’ – 8’ Purple This is a compact grower with deep velvety purple Sept. red -red , 5” – 6” diameter flowers with a darker bar and red anthers. It has two flowering seasons. Fall flowers are somewhat less intensely coloured. Shade tolerant. While the flowers are lovely, this is not the easiest plant to grow in short-season areas. Pruning A.

The President 0104 June-Sept. 8’ – 12’ Purple Popular and easy, this variety has 6” – 8” diameter blue flowers, overlapping deep purple-blue sepals and reddish-brown stamens. Reverse is silvery. Holds colour well and has a long season. Pruning B.

Victoria 0113 July-Sept. 8’ – 10’ Rosy This C. lanuginosa x C. Jackmanii hybrid dates purple back to 1870. Flowers are soft rosy-purple, 4” – 6” diameter with buff stamens. Flower form and texture is similar to the ever-popular Perle d’Azur, only the colour is different. Prolific bloomer and easy grower. Pruning C.


Warsaw Nike 0107 July-Sept. 8’ – 10’ Purple This is a real eye-catcher hybridized by Brother red Stefan Franczak in Poland and named after a Warsaw memorial to freedom fighters. It is compact, vigorous, and free flowering, with rich, deep, velvety reddish-purple flowers with prominent gold stamens. Any exposure but North Pruning C.

BLUES Elsa Spath 0216 June-July 8’ – 10 Blue Showy, large 6” – 8” well-shaped flowers & Sept. with red anthers. Easy and popular. Pruning B.

Fuji-Musume 0203 June-Sept. 6’ – 8’ SkyBeautiful sky-blue flowers 6” – 8” diameter blue with creamy stamens. Good for container culture & does well in partial shade. Demand for this plant always exceeds supply, so order early! Pruning B.

General Sikorski 0204 June-Aug. 6’ – 8’ Blue Flowers are mid-blue with a slight reddish tinge, overlapping sepals with crenulated edges and creamy stamens, 6” – 8” diameter. A robust grower that establishes quickly and flowers profusely. Suitable for container culture or to grow through shrubs. Easy and rewarding. Pruning B.

H.F Young 0205 May-June 8’ – 10’ Blue This is without a doubt one of the finest blue & Sept. clematis, with large, 6” – 8” diameter Wedgwood blue flowers with contrasting creamy stamens. Consistent and reliable, it’s one of the few clematis that flowers on the lower part of the plant— no bare legs here! Wonderful for containers and for cutting. Highly recommended. Pruning A.

Lasurstern 0207 May-June 8’ – 12’ Blue Flowers are a rich, deep lavender-blue, 7” – 9” & Sept. diameter, with pointed, wavy-edged sepals and creamy stamens. Showy and prolific, flowers are long-lasting on the plant and when cut. This is an awesome plant and extremely popular. Pruning B.

Mrs. Cholmondeley 0208 May-June 12’– 16’ Lav. A vigorous grower with large, 7” – 9” lavender- & Sept. Blue blue flowers, gappy sepals and chocolate stamens, long flowering season. An old variety which is still enormously popular because it’s so troublefree and prolific. Pruning A or B.

Perle d’Azur 0209 June-Oct. 12’ – 15’ Blue This viticella hybrid ranks as one of the most desirable clematis in existence because of its wonderful colour and non-stop flowering. The flowers are slightly nodding, 4” – 5” wide, with gently recurving sepals, mid-blue when they open and fading to sky-blue. Although it is slow to start, once established it is robust and ever-blooming, so be patient! An underplanting of a shallow-rooted perennial such as a Veronica will help conceal the bare legs which develop as the season progresses (her only drawback). This is a sun-lover and a must for any garden! Pruning C.

W.E. Gladstone 0219 June-Sept 8’ – 10’ Blue Renowned for its huge (8” – 10”) diameter flowers, which are a lovely lavender-blue, wellformed, with reddish-purple stamens. Plant in a protected area to prevent the flowers getting battered by wind. Pruning B.

Will Goodwin 0213 June-Sept. 8’ – 12’ Blue This is a fine plant with showy 6” – 8” diameter lavender-blue flowers, overlapping, pointed sepals with ruffled edges and golden stamens. Puts on a great display and deserves to be better known. Pruning B.

William Kennett 0214 June-Sept. 10’ – 12’ Blue This is a tough, vigorous plant and heavy bloomer. The intense lavender-blue flowers are 6” – 8” in diameter and satiny in texture, with slightly overlapping pointed sepals with gently waving edges and red anthers. Another good one! Pruning B


Blue Moon 0804 June-Sept. 8’ – 10’ Lilac This is a relatively new plant and we have been extremely pleased with its performance to date. It is a compact grower, free-flowering, and best of all, it does well in shade! The flowers, which have a luminous quality, are large, 6” – 7”, base colour white suffused with pale lilac, darkest at the edge of the wavy sepals, and stunning dark anthers. Pruning B.

Lady Londesborough 0801 May, June 6’ – 8’ Mauve Beautifully formed, delicate pale mauvy-blue & Sept. silver flowers, fading to silvery-mauve and finally silvery-gray, with contrasting dark stamens. Early flowering, moderately vigorous, compact grower with a truly exquisite flower. Morning sun best to preserve flower colour. Pruning A.

Silver Moon 0803 June-Sept. 6’ – 8’ Lavender This is a vigorous, compact plant, with one supremely valuable quality: it would flower in a closet. Flowers are medium-size, 4” – 6”, abundantly borne, and of a mother-of-pearl lavender-gray with a satiny texture and yellow stamens. While the individual flowers may not be particularly remarkable, the overall effect produced in a shady area is nothing short of spectacular— they positively glow, like a beacon. It is for this reason that the plant is always in short supply, so if you’re interested in it, order early! Pruning B or C.


Arctic Queen 0600 June-Sept. 8’ – 10’ White This is an outstanding new variety, and unique in that it bears its massive crop of 5” – 7” double flowers on both old and new wood. Its blooms are full, nicely formed and have contrasting yellow stamens. This clematis is an extremely heavy bloomer, a vigorous grower and quick to establish. Excellent where space is limited or for container culture. Pruning B.

Beauty of Worcester 0601 May-June 6’ – 8’ Blue Colour is a deep blue, rich and intense. The & Sept. early flowers are double while the later blooms are single. They are shapely and attractive, 6” to 8” in diameter. Puts on a great show! Pruning A.

Belle of Woking 0611 May-June 6’ – 8’ Silvery This is an old (1875) variety which has retained Sept. mauve its popularity to this day for its handsome, uniquely coloured blooms 4” – 6” in diameter which are a lovely silvery-mauve colour and resemble water-lilies. Plant in partial shade to preserve the delicate colour. Pruning B.

Blue Light TM 0614 May-June 6’ – 8’ Blue This is a sport of Mrs. Cholmondeley with large, Sept. 8” – 10” double flowers in both spring and fall Like the parent plant, colour is pale violet-blue, and like its parent is exceptionally free-flowering on both old and new wood. Pruning B.

Daniel Deronda 0607 May-June 8’ – 10’ Blue This plant’s early spring flowers are amongst & Sept. the showiest in this group— they are large, 6” – 8” diameter, well-formed, semi-double and of an intense, deep violet blue colour. Contrasting stamens are creamy. Fall flowers are single but just as dramatic. Good grower, too! Pruning A.

Josephine TM 0606 May-June 8’ – 10’ Pink Flowers are extremely double and large,6” – & Sept. 8” diameter and of a most unusual colour, with base petals nearly bronze, tinged with green, and a darker bar. The middle petals are lilac with a pink bar. As the flower ages, the base petals fall away producing a pompom effect. A vigorous grower. For best colour plant in full sun. Pruning A.

Louise Rowe 0613 June-Sept. 6’ – 8’ Lilac This is a most unusual variety in that the flowers borne on old wood early in the season can be fully double, semi-double and single, all at the same time. They are large, 5” – 6” in diameter and beautifully formed, with broad, overlapping sepals, somewhat curved, giving them a frilly appearance. The colour is pale silvery-lilac, extremely delicate and attractive, with contrasting yellow stamens. For best effect plant in partial shade. Pruning A.

Mrs. P.T. James 0602 June – Sept. 6’ – 8’ Blue This Canadian hybrid flowers double on old wood and single on new. The blooms are large, 6” – 8” diameter, sky-blue,(similar to Perle d’Azur), with slender overlapping sepals and contrasting yellow stamens. They are handsome in shape, freely borne and the color is wonderful. Pruning A.

Multi-Blue 0604 May, June, 6’ – 8’ Blue This is a most unusual and striking plant, not the & Sept. usual double at all. It is a sport of The President, with outer sepals of the same colour but with a very distinctive spiky green-tipped center, much like a dahlia. The overall impression of the colour is blue with a silver reverse. As the flower ages, the outer sepals are shed, but the spiky center remains ornamental for as long as three weeks. Semi-double flowers are produced on new wood. An intriguing and ornamental plant. Pruning A.

Proteus 0612 May, June, 6’ – 8’ RosySpring flowers are very double, 5” or more in & Sept. Pink diameter, with an underlying layer of broad, rounded sepals topped with a full rosette of shorter sepals. Stamens are pale yellow. Give it lots of sun for optimum flowering. Pruning A.

Royalty 0608 May, June, 6’ – 8’ Blue A robust and bushy grower bearing a good crop & Sept. of beautifully formed semi-double, violet-purple flowers 4” – 6” in diameter, with long creamy stamens. Good for containers. Pruning B.

Sylvia Denny 0605 May-June 8’ – 10’ White This Marie Boisselot x Duchess of Edinburgh & Sept. cross is a truly excellent plant. The flowers are semi-double, nicely shaped, 6” diameter with a prominent boss of yellow stamens. They are pure white, without the slightest hint of green. Highly recommended. Pruning B

Veronica’s Choice 0610 May-June 8’ – 10’ Lavende Frilly, violet-tinged pale lavender double flowers & Sept. 6” in diameter. Late flowers are single. This is a strong grower with lots of flowers. Semi-shade best. Pruning B.

Vyvyan Pennell 0603 May-June 8’ – 12’ Rosy Flowers are peony-like, large 6” +, extremely & Sept. lilac double and frilly, violet-tinged pale lavender with an inner rosette strongly flushed pink. Lateseason flowers are single. This is a real beauty and a good, strong grower. Definitely recommended. Pruning B.


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