Anemone Primer

Soft pink single. Very adaptable. Hardiest of the Anemones  Anemone tomentosa Robustissima

Type: Perennials Height: Medium 36″ (Plant 20″ apart)

Bloom Time: Early Fall to Late Fall
Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Half Sun/ Half Shade

Soft pink single, cup-shaped flowers float above attractive deep green foliage. The most adaptable of the Japanese Anemone. From late summer to fall, there is no flower quite like it in the border for providing late season color. The hardiest to zone 4 and the most tolerant of sun and drier conditions. – See more at:
‘Robustissima’ (A. tomentosa ‘Robustissima’, Zones 4–7) grows to 24 to 32 inches tall with single, light violet–pink flowers. It’s an extremely robust and vigorous plant that is best suited to naturalizing. It will overwhelm other plants and may become a nuisance in a bed.

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