Growing Peas in Fall Zone 7

Added August 2015:  Last spring, I really rushed the spring peas thing.  I had read that peas can withstand some frost, and I figured that I could just set my peas out in January or early February.  That was not the case.  I later read that although pea plants can withstand a  bit of frost, the seeds will not germinate if temperatures are lower than 39 degrees. – See more at:

The only way to jump the temperature boundary is to start seeds inside.  Peas will have long taproots, and if started inside, the correct seed starter system must  be used.

Note:  Peas will need a trellis that is at least 6 ‘ tall.  Be sure to have the trellis ready before you plant your seeds outside.

Timing. The number following the variety name is the nominal –days to maturity–listed for the variety. The goal in fall planting is to time growth so that the first flowering occurs before the first frost in fall. Depending on the variety, that means planting 70 to 90 days before your average earliest hard-frost date. But because young plants grow slowly in late summer heat, I recommend you add 9 to 14 days to the days listed on the packet (and below). That way, the plants won’t blossom (you hope!) before a hard frost winter, on average, your risk of frost is from

‘Super Sugar Snap’ (62) grows on a trellis to 6 feet; it’s resistant to pea leaf roll virus and powdery mildew

August has 31 days

September has 30 days

Frost Dates Zone 7

October 8 through May 5.

Almost certainly, however, you will receive frost from October 19 through April 23.

You are almost guaranteed that you will not get frost from May 17 through September 27.

Your frost-free growing season is around 156 days.

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