How to Build A Dining Area and Another Potting Bench

This is sort of how the trellises will work through my back yard


I want to accomplish two goals.  I want to add another section of privacy screen between me and back neighbors.  I plan to end at the back with a privacy screen off of which I’ll T a dining table.

I’ll begin at the arbor and move backwards, building cooking areas and potting benches [counters] along the way.

Here is how I think I’ll approach this project:

Beginning at the arbor moving backwards, I’ll add 3 more landscape timbers [past the landscape timber in the arbor].

The timbers are held together with 2×4’s  I have staggered some of them.  This should help hold one section to another.  The arbor is connected to the house for extra support.  At the end, I’ll connect to trees that are at the back of the property.

Phase 1:

For the counter/ bar secion, I’ll build a frame somewhat like this, except my back will extend to the top of the 8′ timbers.  I’ll use that area for storage, to hang utensils, and to create a screen from East:



Use wine boxes to create shelves/cabinets

garden work bench design

Materials I’ll need for the first section, which will be a bar [I won’t have the front crossbar or bottom shelf on the bottom of the bar section].


From the arbor, I’ll add another 8′ section with a 2×4 at at topand bottom.  This be open for the cooking areas.

I’ll add another 8′ section to be

I’ll connect with another 2×4 at 36″ for the back of the top counter.

For the bottom, I’ll connect with another 2×4 a few inches from the ground.

Ideas for benches to wrap around an/or set at the side:


Just beyond the tree, there is a nook where I’ll put a fireplace

I might create a temporary curtain/screen with canvas, like this.


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