Butterfly Garden Plan

Over $190 worth of plants. 13 Varieties, 24 plants. 9' x 11' corner layout




Soft lilac shades on low creeping plants

A.  Phlox stolonifera Sherwod Purple – Tufted Creeping Phlox – Short – 12″

Violet-blue bells resemble Campanula

B.  Adenophora Tashiroi Ladybell Medium 30″ – 36″


C.  Agastache Honey Bee Blue – Hyssop – Hummingbird Mint – Medium 24″ – 36″

SHRUB.  New miniature Butterfly bush, Lo & Behold Series.

D.  Buddelia Blue Chip – Butterfly Bush – Medium 24″ – 36″

SHRUB. 3' Sky blue flowers during summer.  4

E.  Caryopteris Longwood Blue – Bluebeard – Blue Mist Spirea – Medium 36″

Fragrant purple blue border plants

F.  Lavendula augustifolia Munstead – English Lavender – Short 15″ – 18″

Yellow. For long bloom, remove spent blooms

G.  Coreopsis Early Sunrise – Tickseed – Double Butter Daisy – Medium 20″

CONEFLOWER. Great for cutting

H.  Echinacea

Ruby red to salmon rose German hybrid.

I.  Achillea Paprika – Medium 24″

Berry red flowers

J.  Monarda – Raspberry Wine – Medium 30″

1998  Perennial plant of the year in Holland. Rosier flowers

K.  Origanum Rosenkumluppel – Ornamental Oregano

Yellow. Good flower for almost any spot

L.  Rudbeckia Goldsturm – Medium 24″

M.  Sedum Brilliant – Medium 18″

Black-Eyed Susan Goldsturm, Russian Sage, Peony Festiva Maxima, Daylily Pardon Me, Bellflower White Clips and Bellflower Blue Clips.

Tickseed Full Moon, Aster Wood’s Blue, Daylily Crimson Pirate, Coneflower Magnus, Black Eyed Susan Goldsturm, and Russian Sage.


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