Design Plan for a Shade Garden

COLUMBINE. Dwarf robust plants in all the colors

Over $210.00 worth of plants, 17 varieties, 24 plants.  6'x14'


A. Aquilegia Biedermeier [Columbine] – Short 18″

Tallest GOATSBEARD. For light shade

B.  Goatsbeard Aruncus Diocius – Tall 5′

Heavily frosted and veined leaves. Blue flowers in spring

C.  Brunnera Jack Frost – Siberian Bugloss – False Forget-Me-Not – Short 12″ – 15″

A new very showy, slow spreading Japanese Sedge

D.  Carex Ice Dance – Grass 12″ – 14″

Silver crinkled foliage. Good ground cover for a shady spot

E.  Lamium White Nancy – Groundcover – 6″

Deep pink fragrant flowers on masses of lush green foliage in spring.

F.  Woodland Phlox stolonifera Home Fires – Short 12″

G.  Filipendula hexapatala Flore Plena Medium 2′ – 3′

Meadowsweet, Queen of the Meadow

Double white MEADOW-SWEET

H.  Pulmonaria hubrida Samourai – Lungwort – Short 8″ – 12″

Clumps of narrow silver leaves topped with cobalt blue flowers.

Yellow centered sea-green leaves are textured

I.  Hosta Great Expectations

Medium 20″ – 24″

1997 Hosta of the Year, pure white margins

J.  Hosta Patriot Medium 22″

Gigantic heavily textured blue-green leaves

K. Hosta Blue Angel Tall 3′

Ruffled bands of gold surround each dark green leaf.

L.  Hosta Seducer – Medium 26″

Upright stems of violet flowers.

N.  Polemonium Purple Rain – Jacob’s Ladder Medium 20″

Star-shaped blossoms are nearly engulfed in deep purple spotting.

O. Tricyrtis Dark Beauty – Toad Lily – Arctic Orchid Medium 30″ – 36″

Extremely long flowering, shorter than Goldstrum

P. Rudbeckia Fulgida or Goldsturm Medium

Chartreuse flowers over ground hugging foliage. Likes moist.

Q.  Alchemilla Thriller – Lady’s Mantle – Medium 16″ – 24″


Shade Perennial Garden

1 – Hydrangea All Summer Beauty (Hydrangea macrophylla) – 1 plant
2 – False Spirea Glow (Astilbe) – Bag of 3
3 – Golden Ray The Rocket (Ligularia stenocephala) – Bag of 3
4 – Bleeding Heart Pink (Dicentra spectabilis) – Bag of 3
5 – Plantain Lily Patriot (Hosta) – Bag of 3
6 – Bugbane Atropurpurea (Actaea simplex or Cimicifuga ramosa) – Bag of 1
7 – Violet Columbine (Viola) – 3 plants
8 – Dead Nettle Orchid Frost (Lamium maculatum) – 3 plants
9 – Dead Nettle White Nancy (Lamium maculatum) – 3 plants


Astilbe Glow, Bleeding Heart Pink, Viola Columbine, Hosta Patriot, Lamium Orchid Frost, and Lamium White Nancy.

Over $210.00 worth of plants, 17 varieties, 24 plants.  6'x14'


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