Easy Perennial Garden Design Plan

Over $210.00 worth of plants, 24 varieties, 24 plants, 5'x 12'


White flowers. Masses of star-like flowers late into the season

A.  Boltonia asteroides Snowbank – Wild Aster – Tall 4′ – 5′

Giant mound of deep green and yellow color

B. Solidago Firewordks – Goldenrod – Tall 3′ – 4′

Soft pink single. Very adaptable. Hardiest of the Anemones

C.  Anemone tomentosa Robustissima – Windflower – Medium 36″

A frill of petals on the cone. Charming

D.  Echinacea Double Decker – Tall 24″

Fiery orange-red flowers tipped with yellow

E.  Gaillardia Arizona Sunset – Short 12″ – 15″

Extra large blooms. A designer daylily

F.  Hemerocallis Barbara Mitchell – Daylily – Medium 18″ – 24″

FERNLEAF YARROW. Sulphur yellow flowers, shorter plants.

G.  Achillea Moonshine – Yarrow – Medium 24″

Peach flowers with silver foliage. German hybrid.

H.  Achillea Terra Cotta – Tall 36″

Mixed colors. The standard by which all are judged.

I.  Aquilegia McKana – Columbine – Medium 30″

Aurinia saxitilis Bright yellow flowers will cascade down walls.

J.  Alyssum Gold Dust – Short 14″

RED HOT POKER PLANT. Flowers its first year

K.  Kniphofia Flamenco – Red Hot Poker – Torch Lily – Medium 30″

Single white Shasta Daisy

L  Chrysanthemum Alaska – Shasta Daisy – Medium 28″

Carpets of blue. Spreads nicely if soil is cool and well drained

M.  Campanula Blue Chip – Harebell – Short 12″

Violet clustered bellflower.

N.  Campanula Superba – Clustered Bellflower Medium 18″ – 20″

Extra tall and hardy

O.  Nepeta Six Hills Giant – Catmint – Medium to 36″

Violet-purple. Long flowering.Many spikes thru the summer.

P.  Salvia East Friesland – Medium 18″

Turns brick red. Probably the most popular Sedum

Q.  Sedum Autumn Joy – Medium 24″

Yellow. Good flower for almost any spot

R.  Rudbeckia Goldsturm


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