Types of Heucheras

Amber Waves Heucheras Adds Color to Spring Garden

Heuchera Amber Waves makes a compact clump of scalloped-edged leaves that are golden yellow and pink. In spring, they are topped with sprays of dainty cream flowers.

Purple Heucheras Known for Colorful Foliage

Heuchera micrantha Purple Palace – Bronze to purple foliage

'Carnival Black Olive'

Heuchera Carnival Black Olive

'Carnival Candy Apple'

Heuchera Carnival Candy Apple


Heuchera Carnival Cocomint features vibrant green foliage with dark brown markings.

Wake Up and Smell the 'Coffee Bean'

Heuchera ‘Carnival Coffee Bean’ shows off warm bronze and green foliage with caramel undersides.

'Carnival Limeade'

Heuchera Carnival Limeade A stunning bright green color makes this ‘Carnival Limeade’ heuchera variety a nice visual contrast to other green foliage in the garden.

'Carnival Peach Parfait'

Carnival Peach Parfait

Plum Crazy!

Heuchera Plum Crazy wows with bright silver markings on deep purple foliage.

'Carnival Rose Granita'

Heuchera Carnival Rose Granita Striking purple-red leaves make the ‘Rose Granita’ heuchera a way to bring drama to the garden.

Silver Streak

Heuchera ‘Carnival Silver Streak’ is a heat-tolerant, hybrid heuchera that features striking silver markings on vibrant purple foliage.

Watermelon Heuchera

‘Carnival Watermelon’ is named after its dazzling bronze-green foliage and pink undersides.

Heuchera Fall Festival – lipstick red leaf undersides

'Spice' Up Your Life

Heuchera Green Spice is a heuchera with a twist: this coral bell shows off bright green foliage with a bright red vein during summer, but turns a stunning orange once the weather cools down.

'Pewter Veil'

Heuchera Pewter Veil shines with pink and silver foliage

'Plum Pudding'

Heuchera Plum Pudding – Striking plum-purple foliage with deep purple veins

Silver Scrolls Heuchera Features Unique Foliage

Heuchera Silver Scrolls bears masses of pink summer flowers on red stems above a mound of heavily-veined, burgundy leaves overlaid with shades of metallic silver.


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