Rose and Perennial Garden Diagram with Obelisk Summer and Autumn

22′ x 22′


A – Colette – Climbing Rose

‘Colette’ is one of the two climbing Romanticas and it’s a doozy. Although its heavenly pink blossoms have only 25 or so petals, they’re cunningly formed and manage to resemble Damask roses when they’re fully open. They’re fragrant, to boot. Like the lady for whom she’s named, this rose is pure charm and it’s vigor doesn’t hurt one bit.

Heavenly pink, damask-scented blooms blanket the lush green foliage of this hybrid climber. Old-fashioned blooms adorn the vining canes as they cover any surface with extremely disease-resistant foliage. The epitome of the modern, old-fashioned rose for the next millennium. – See more at:

Eden – Climbing Romantic Rose

  • ‘Eden’ is the second of the climbers, also the second Romantica hybridized by Mouchotte (1987). It was with this rose, he claims, that he was first convinced that a new “line” was about to develop. More heavily petaled than ‘Colette’ (up to 60 petals per blossom), cupped blooms are quintessentially old-fashioned and deliciously fragrant. Flower color ranges from pastel pink to cream-verging-on yellow. Plants are robust and well clothed in dark green foliage.

Auguste Renoir – Shrub Rose

Hybrid Tea, Deep Rose Pink

Flowers: Full, Very Double, Large, Moderately Fragrant: Rose
Romantica Series, likes full sun, otherwise the very double flowers will tend to ball
Flowering Habit: Singly or small cluster
Blooming Season: Repeat

Height: 4 feet x 3, Habit: Upright-bushy
Foliage: Medium sized Medium Gr.

  • ‘Auguste Renoir’ is heavily petaled (to 120 per bloom) and the plants on which it showers such decadent blossoms (said to smell of sweet Tea) can reach six foot heights. Deep pink mature blooms intricately quarter their petalage and last well as cut flowers.

CComtesse de Provence

Hybrid Tea, Coral Pink

Flowers: Full, Double, Very Large, 70 Petals, Very Fragrant
Flowering Habit: One bloom per stem Long Stems
Blooming Season: Repeat

Height: 5.5 feet x , Habit: Upright
Foliage: Large sized Semi-Glossy Olive

Cultivation: Good for Hedging , Good for Landscape/Mass, Good for Cutting
Strengths: Disease Resistant

‘Yves Piaget,’ the first of the Romanticas, remains my pick of the litter. Besides producing such outrageously decadent flowers, it’s a happy rose and generous with its bounty of mauve-pink blossoms, which mature into buxom blooms that never lose their strong lemon scent. Plants reach only moderate heights (to just under four feet), but foliage is abundant and semi-glossy. All things considered, it’s thoroughly understandable that this hybrid inspired an entire series

Guy de Maupassant

The very double, old fashioned pink blooms have a strong, apple fragrance.
Petals 41 -100 petals, Bloom 3″

3’7″ – 4′ Repeat Blooming

Johann Strauss

  • ‘Johann Strauss,’ reputed to smell of lemon verbena, was entered in the All-America Rose Selections trial as a Floribunda, which indeed it resembles because of its proclivity for producing 3-7 blossoms per stem. Large blossoms are pearl-pink and lovingly formed on bushes that reach approximately four feet. Since I’ve grown Herr Strauss for more than five years, I can attest to its performance as a cut -flower.

Leonardo da Vinci

‘Leonardo da Vinci’ is a difficult rose to classify. In France, it behaves like a customary bush, but after it made its trans-Atlantic voyage, it decided to take on rambling habits. Particularly in California, after the first flush of blossoms, plants begin to trail sideways, eventually becoming as wide as they are tall (to three feet). This seeming disadvantage can bput to advantage, however, if the variety is grown as a borderrose. However plants are cultivated, medium pink, lightly scented flowers shower their bushes all summer long.

‘Frederic Mistral’ is perhaps the most vigorous of the series, with plants that easily reach six foot heights. In marked contrast to their tough bushes, blossoms are delicate – light pink and sweetly scented of tea. With 40-45 petals per bloom, flowers mature slowly. ‘Jean Giono’ produces oversized, dahlia-shaped, golden-yellow to apricot blossoms veined in tangerine and red and redolent of spicy clove. Since there are as many as 100 petals per bloom, flowers are slow to mature, but do so happily in a vase, where they’re knockouts because of their long cutting stems. Bushes reach five foot heights. ‘Guy de Maupassant’ closely resembles a modern Floribunda rose, but its shell pink blossoms with as many as 100 petals each are decidedly old-fashioned. Plants hover between four and five feet and blossom throughout summer. Meilland’s fragrance pros claim that blooms smell specifically like Granny Smith apples.

Sedum Spectabile

Lavender Munstead

Salvila May Night with Achillea Moonshine


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