Vegetable Garden Plans

6′ x 6′


A – Pumpkin Baby Boo

B – Pumpkin Jack Be Little

 C – Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

D.  Sunflower Russian Mammoth

Strawberries prefer slightly acidic soils with a pH of between 5.5 and 6.5. Too low pH values may require application of ground limestone to increase the pH of more acid soils. Strawberry plants are extremely sensitive to salinity, especially at the transplant stage. Irrigation is essential for high-yield strawberry production. Since the strawberry plants are shallow rooted, permanent moisture is necessary to maximize production. An average of 300 mm to 450 mm (12 to 18 inches) of irrigation water is required over the growing season. As strawberries grow they will produce runners that will spread out and root to produce additional plants. Position the first runners with approximately 15 cm (6 inches) spacing between them. Only allow a few runners per plant, then remove additional runners to promote crown growth. Intensively grown strawberries require frequent and precise fertility management. Leaf analyses provide the best means of monitoring nutritional status (deficiencies or excesses) and correcting deficiencies that may occur. Potassium is required by strawberry plants to help them acquire water through the roots and control water loss by transpiration. Potassium may compete with magnesium for uptake by the roots and must, therefore, be maintained at an appropriate ratio (4:1, K:Mg) in the soil solution to prevent one of these nutrients from overriding the other, thereby creating a deficien – See more at:


6′ x 6′

3 Basil

1 Roma Tomato

1 Slicing Tomato

D – 2 Thyme


E – 1 Leaf Fennel

F – Sweet Cherry Pepper

G – Italian Long Frying Pepper

H – Zuchini Costa Romanesco

J – Italian Flat Leaf Parsley

K – Oregano

L – Basil Piccolo Verdi

6′ x 6′

A – Sugar Snap Peas

B –


A – Sugar Snap Peas

E – 1 Tomato, ‘Early Girl’. Reliable red medium-size tomato with great flavor.

F – 1 Tomato, ‘Better Boy’. Large red beefsteak type with meaty flesh

G. 1 Tomato, ‘Brandywine’ heirloom. Large pink beefsteak famous for flavor

GG – Add Old German Tomato

H – Cucumber Sweet Success  1 Cucumber, ‘Sweet Success’. Long, straight cucumbers, never bitter

I – Swiss Chard Bright Lights  Red, orange, yellow, and pink stems

J. 1 Pepper, ‘Gypsy’. Yellow, Hungarian-type; reliable in all climates.

Image result for cal wonder pepper plant

K. 1 Pepper, ‘Cal Wonder’. Reliable bell-type; green ripens to red.

Fall Vegetable Garden 4′ x 4′



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