How to Build An Outdoor Bar Counter

The counter height should be 36″

For the bar – The standard height from the floor to the top of a bar top (excluding the bar rail) should be 42 inches. This allows for a standard 30 inch high bar stool to seat you comfortably at your bar. The 12 inch difference between the seat height and bar top is common in most applications including breakfast bars where the top is 36 inches high using a 24 inch bar stool and table or desk height which is 30 inches using an 18 inch chair height. The bar top overhang should be a minimum of 8-1/2 inches and could be as much as 10 inches so your knees do not hit the bar front. For our extra tall customers the 10 inch overhang maybe necessary. When making an extra-wide bar top overhang, corbels or brackets should be considered under the bar top to lend support and to keep the top level and straight.

The main bar top surface should be at least 16 inches wide [deep] and can be as wide as 20 inches or more depending on the space available but enough space should be provided for a dinner plate, pan of pizza and some drinks.

Allow at least 24 inches wide per stool/person


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