Artistic Garden Touches


Add an arbour
A sturdy arbour constructed from rough-hewn trees lends presence, frames the view on either side, provides a welcome spot of shade and supports a tapestry of climbing plants. Here, yellow Russian virgin’s bower (Clematis tangutica) and Lemon Meringue climbing rose (Rosa ‘WEKradler’) interweave overhea


Peekaboo View


Go natural
Quirky panels built from fallen twisted willow branches imbue this garden with personality. Their organic forms and weathered patina meld beautifully with plants. Both see-through and eye-catching, these panels screen, delineate and frame the garden “rooms.”


Tailor-make an entrance
Marrying form and function, a gate should perform its specific task, and look good in the process. It can conceal a private area, as this handsome gate that incorporates an antique window frame from India does, or form an open invitation with an airy grid through which the garden is clearly visible.


Practice artful disguise
Waterlines running up this wisteria-covered arbour on the way to the patio/pool area were cleverly wrapped in bark to render them less obtrusive. Similarly, you could enclose vertical pole sprinklers with cylinders of bamboo to make them blend into the landscape.


Recycle for reuse
The focal point of the shady glade under a large willow in the front garden is an intriguing gnarled bench. A craftsman fabricated it from a Garry oak, a protected tree in Victoria, that was cut down illegally. Thus transformed, it has been given new life.


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