Designer Pots and Containers

Use a large pot – Interior size of the container is 27″

  1. Tropicana Canna
  2. 2.  Slyfire Coleus
  3. Sweetheart Purple Sweet Potato Vine
  4. Goldstrum Rudbeckia
  5. Zwarktop Aeonium
  6. Black Magic Elephant Ear
  7. Lion’s Ear
  8. Green on Green Plectranthus
  9. Callie Orange Calibrocha

A big, explosive display requires a large container. It must have enough volume to accom­modate the roots of the plants’ ultimate size. A stunning combination can be sustained within a smaller container, but it requires constant monitoring to ensure that the container is getting enough water, fertilizer, and pruning.

Without the greenest of thumbs, a pot that’s too small will almost always disappoint. At minimum, the container should accommodate a soil volume of at least half the size of the eventual volume of plants. This is important visually, as well

Pot Interior 19″

  1. Morning Light Miscanthus
  2. Goldsturm Rudbeckia
  3. Blackie Sweet Potato Vine
  4. Cigar Vine
  5. Golden Creeping Jenny
  6. Madness Red Petunia
  7. Purple Heart Tradescantia pallida‘Purpurea’
  8. Tilt a Whilt Coleus

Pot Interior 18″

  1.  Dusky Chief Phormium
  2. Croton
  3. Obsidian Heuchera
  4. Rage Chrysanthemum
  5. Golden Creeping Jenny

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