David Austin English Climbing Roses

The David Austin Rose Garden is thought to be one of the most beautiful, fragrant rose gardens in the world. The two-acre garden is adjacent to David Austin's garden center and nursery near the town of Albrighton in Shropshire, England. The Renaissance Garden is completely devoted to Austin's own English Roses, flowering from late May until early winter. The gardens are open to the public. See www.davidaustinroses.com. Austin's free, book-quality US catalogue is available from www.davidaustinroses.com or 800-328-8893.

David Austin Rose Garden

“Most English Climbing Roses can be grown in full sun or partial shade.  In particularly hot areas, planting roses on eastor north facing walls helps to provide some protection from the afternoon heat.  The soil is often dry at the foot of a wall, so always plant at least one foot away from the base and take extra care to water well at the roots. ”  David Austin Handbook of Roses 2015

  • Marks the roses that I plan to try in my 2016 garden


Abraham Darby Climbing

A well-formed shrub of shapely, bushy growth. In early summer it is studded with large, deeply cupped blooms in shades of pink, apricot and yellow, and in spite of their size, these continue to be produced for the remainder of the season. An excellent vigorous shrub. A rich, fruity fragrance with a refreshing sharpness.

5 ft. x 5 ft. (shrub); 8 ft. (climber) Repeat

Aloha is not in the list of English Climbing Roses, but it is a David Austin Climbing Rose

This is an excellent short climber, especially in warm climates. The large, rose pink blooms are very double and deeply cupped rather like an old Bourbon Rose. These have a strong fragrance. Healthy, glossy foliage. Free flowering. 7 – 8 ft. (Boerner 1949).


A Shropshire Lad

The flowers are beautiful at all stages. They are cupped at first, opening to form large rosettes, filled with many perfectly arranged petals. Their colour is a soft peachy pink. As the blooms open, the outer petals turn back and become a paler shade. There is a delicious fruity fragrance in the Tea Rose tradition. This versatile rose is closely related to Leander, from which it inherits its vigorous, healthy and almost thornless growth. It has plentiful, large, dark green leaves. In every way, an excellent and reliable shrub, of above average size. It will make a wonderful specimen rose. Position this rose toward the back of the border.It may also be grown as a beautiful climbing rose if tied in to some form of support, such as a wall, trellis, fence or pillar.

The name is taken from A.E. Houseman’s cycle of poems about his home county, where our rose gardens and nursery are situated. The poems, published in 1896, celebrate the pleasures of a rural life. David CH Austin, born in Shropshire, is himself a Shropshire lad.

5 x 4ft or 8ft as a climber.  Excellent Repeating


Altissimo is not in the list of English Climbing Roses, but it is a David Austin Climbing Rose

Single flowers of nice symmetrical outline, opening flat and lasting well. They are large – about five inches across. Their colour is blood-red, shaded crimson, with a boss of deep golden-yellow stamens. Flowers are produced freely, early in the summer and it repeats quite regularly later. Strong growth with large, matt green leaves. 8 ft. (Delbard-Chabert 1966).


  • Brother Cadfael Climbing

Very large, sumptuous blooms of rich pink with a particularly strong Old Rose fragrance.

Strong upright growth that can easily be trained sideways once the stems are mature.

Height 8ft

Excellent Repeat and Wonderful Old Rose Fragrance


We regard this as one of the most beautiful of the English Roses. The flowers are quite large and of exquisite formation – the petals turning up at the edges to form a shallow saucer filled with small petals. The growth is ideal, being of medium height and bushy, with nice foliage and little disease, making it in every way an excellent garden plant.

It is sweetly fragrant – a charming and delicate Old Rose scent.

Named after Eglantyne Jebb, the Shropshire woman who founded the ‘Save the Children’ charity fund.

6 – 8ft. as a climber.

*Compassion is not in the list of English Climbing Roses, but it is a David Austin Climbing Rose

This popular variety is noted for its reliability in most parts of the rose-growing world. The well-shaped hybrid tea flowers are salmon-pink, tinted with apricot-orange. They have a sweet fragrance. The growth is strong, stiff and bushy and there is plentiful dark green foliage. It is particularly healthy. 10ft.


Don Juan Don Juan

*Don Juan is not in the list of English Climbing Roses, but it is a David Austin Climbing Rose

Good Repeating | Strong Fragrance | 10′

Eden Eden

Eden is not in the list of English Climbing Roses, but it is a David Austin Climbing Rose

It has light fragrance and is a good repeater.  It grows to a height of 12′ – 15′

*Graham Thomas

Probably the best known of all the English Roses and one of the most popular roses in the world. ‘Graham Thomas’ has been voted the World’s Favourite Rose by the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) which represents over 100,000 rose lovers in 41 member countries. The award was announced at the 2009 World Rose Convention in Vancouver, when the rose was inducted into the society’s ‘Rose Hall of Fame’.

Medium-sized, cup-shaped flowers of an unusually rich and pure yellow that is hard to match in any other roses. A vigorous, upright variety that makes a particularly good climber, both in beauty and performance.

The fragrance is fresh tea rose with a cool violet character. It was awarded the Henry Edland medal for fragrance in 2000.

Ideal when grown on a wall where it will repeat flower in several flushes.


  • Heritage Climbing

One of the most popular of our English Roses. The blooms are of perfect, cupped formation and of medium size; they are a very soft, clear pink at the centre, while the outer petals are almost white.

This is a flower of delicate shell-like beauty. The growth is excellent, showing signs of its grandparent Iceberg, with a smooth, rather ‘Musk Rose’ foliage and clean stems with only a few thorns.

It has a beautiful fragrance, with overtones of fruit, honey and carnation on a myrrh background.

Very useful as a climber with its long pliable and almost thornless canes. Clear pink blooms with a beautiful fragrance.

7 ft. Repeat

  James Galway Climbing

James Galway can be trained as a robust climber which is notable for the unusual neatness of the flowers. These are warm pink in the centre, paling gradually towards the edges. They are packed with petals which seem to be perfectly placed, forming beautiful, domed flowers. There is a medium Old Rose fragrance. The strong, stems are almost thornless, which makes them easy to fan out to the sides to create plentiful new flowering growth. It is ideal for a wall or rose pillar and makes a good choice for an arch. James Galway is very free from disease, flowers freely and repeats well. It may also be grown as a tall, slightly arching shrub rose. Up to 8ft.

  •  Louise Odier

Very Short Climber – Excellent Fragrance

One of the best and most beautiful of the Bourbons. ‘Louise Odier’ is very much of the same mould as ‘Reine Victoria’, having all its virtues but with more robust and bushy growth. The richly fragrant flowers are a lovely warm pink, shaded with lilac. They are beautifully formed, cupped at first, opening flatter and neatly rounded with each petal precisely in place. Like ‘Reine Victoria’, it repeats well throughout the summer. A disease resistant shrub with plentiful foliage, thick prickly stems and vigorous growth – it can be trained as a short climber in warmer climates. (Margottin 1851). 5 x 4 ft.

 * Mortimer Sackler

‘Mortimer Sackler’ is a very beautiful, rather unusual climber. Its dark green leaves are relatively small and it is almost thornless, so is particularly useful for an arch or growing by a door. The flowers are delicately beautiful – about three and a half inches across – and borne on slender dark stems, with very few thorns. They are shallowly cupped in shape and of a soft pink colour, paling a little on the outer petals. As the flower opens, it gradually exposes its stamens, to add further to its beauty.

The whole impression is one of delicacy and grace. It can be grown as an upright shrub of some four-five feet in height, or as a truly superb short climber of eight feet or more.

Extremely healthy. There is a lovely fragrance; Old Rose with a delicious hint of fruit.
The right to name this rose was auctioned on behalf of The National Trust to raise funds for their gardens. It was bought by Mrs. Sackler for her husband’s birthday.

Lovely fragrance.

10-12 ft.

The Generous Gardener Climbing 

  • Generous Gardener

A rose of delicate charm – its flowers being beautifully formed; their colour a soft glowing pink at the centre, shading to palest pink on the outer petals. When the petals open they expose numerous stamens, providing an almost water lily-like effect.

It has strong, elegantly arching growth with polished dark green foliage.

This rose would produce a wonderful effect towards the back of the border. It will also make an excellent climber. Like ‘Mortimer Sackler’, it is highly disease-resistant.

There is a strong and delicious fragrance with aspects of Old Rose, musk and myrrh.

The Generous Gardener has been named to mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of the National Gardens Scheme which has, over the years, contributed so much to charity and made it possible for us to see so many beautiful gardens.

5 ft x 4 ft or 10 ft as a climber. Excellent Repeating

New Dawn *New Dawn

*New Dawn is not in the list of English Climbing Roses, but it is a David Austin Climbing Rose

This widely grown rose has an interesting history and is still very popular today. Medium sized, silvery blush-pink flowers, deepening towards the centre are produced in attractive clusters. This was the forerunner of the modern perpetual-flowering climbers, and is still one of the best and most vigorous of its class. Plentiful, healthy glossy foliage. Sweet, fruity fragrance.  10-15 ft.

  *Sally Holmes

*Sally Holmes is not in the list of English Climbing Roses, but it is a David Austin Climbing Rose

A strong-growing climber. Large, almost single, creamy white flowers are produced in large bunches. The individual flowers have a refined charm. If this rose has a fault, it is that the flowers can sometimes be too closely packed in the cluster on the strong, main stems. On the side branches it is quite a different matter as here we have fewer flowers which can show off their delicate refinement to perfection. A free-flowering rose that is nearly always in bloom. Light fragrance. It can also be grown as a vigorous shrub.

8 to 10ft.

 * Wedgewood Climbing Rose

The individual flowers of this rose are among the most beautiful we have ever bred. This variety is also, insofar as we can tell, almost completely free of disease – something that can be said of only a very few roses.

The blooms are of medium to large size and have petals of a delicate, almost gossamer-like quality; the colour being a soft rose pink – all this adding up to a charming Old Rose effect. They have a lovely fruity fragrance on the outer petals, with a clove-like scent at the centre.

The growth is exceptionally vigorous, sending up many shoots from the base and forming a large, rampant shrub. We expect this rose to also be even better when grown as a climber. Its ample foliage is dark green and glossy.

It was named for Wedgwood, who are celebrating their 250th anniversary this year. Josiah Wedgwood, the ‘Father of English Potters’, founded the company in 1759.

10ft as a climb Medium Fragrance Excellent Repeat


  • Wollerton Old Hall Climbing Rose

This is the most fragrant of this year’s new varieties and, indeed, one of the most fragrant of all English Roses. It has the distinctive myrrh scent which is rarely found in roses, appearing first in ‘Constance Spry’, and later in ‘Scepter’d Isle’. The plump buds have attractive flashes of red. These open to form round, rich buttery yellow coloured blooms which eventually pale to a softer creamy colour. Even when the flowers are fully open, they retain their beautifully rounded chalice shape. It forms a particularly healthy and bushy shrub with many stems shooting from the base. It remains relatively upright and has few thorns. With its soft colouring ‘Wollerton Old Hall’ will very easily blend with a wide range of colour schemes, planted with roses or other shrubs and perennials. Its more upright habit makes it suitable for both formal and informal situations. It should be positioned where its strong scent can be easily appreciated. Wollerton Old Hall in Shropshire has one of the most beautiful private gardens in the country, not far from our nursery. The gardens are set around a 16th Century Hall and feature roses in creative plant combinations, including many of our own English Roses. Wollerton Old Hall is open to the public on selected days throughout the summer

5 x 3ft or 8ft as a climber.

Excellent Repeat and Fragrance.

*Zepherine Drouhin is not in the list of English Climbing Roses, but it is a David Austin Climbing Rose

(Bourbon) Although the individual flowers are not particularly fine in themselves, they are produced freely and have a wonderful fragrance. The semi-double blooms are a pure shade of bright rose-pink. An almost thornless variety. Prefers warmer climates: controlling disease can be a problem. 12 ft


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