Top 10 Roses


I grew up in the very southeastern part of what this book outlines as the midwest [just below Poplar Bluff, MO],  and I currently live far east of this area [the South New Jersey Shore]; yet, I have found that many of the lists work for where I live now00as well as where I grew up.

  1.  Angel Face – Best Rose for Beginners

Clusters of extra rich, deep-lavender semi-double ruffled blooms with a ruby blushed edge are blessed with just about the most wonderful and intense perfume in a Floribunda. Rich, dark-green foliage on a spreading plant provides a wonderful backdrop for this favorite continual blooming rose. It is better suited for warmer climates, where it will bring out a lot more blue/lavender color as it needs a lot of sun to bring out the color tone to its fullest. Bloom size 3 1/2″ with 25-30 petals. Shrub to 3′

 2.  Betty Prior

This rose produces single, carmine-pink, slightly fragrant blooms nonstop from June until frost. It grows 2.5 to 5 feet high and wide.

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3.  Bonica

Rose Bonica®

No garden should be without the stellar shrub named World’s Favorite Rose in 1997. The compact bush features clusters of dainty shell pink flowers and glossy, disease-resistant foliage. The parade of bloom from Bonica® continues until frost and is followed by an abundance of bright orange-red hips. An ideal choice for beginners.

4.  Carefree Beauty

One of the best of the carefree shrub roses developed by Dr. Griffith Buck at Iowa State University to withstand the cold and long winters of the Midwest, Carefree Beauty has also proven to be an excellent choice for gardens in Texas that are challenged by hot, dry summers. Carefree Beauty was named 2006 “Earth-Kind® Rose of the Year” by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service and is also recommended by the University of Minnesota. Introduced in 1977, this rose was known in Texas for several years as “Katy Road Pink” after it was “found” on Katy Road in Houston. It fast and furiously produces successive flushes of deep rich pink blossoms from spring until frost. The flowers open flat with a few irregular, loose petals at the center and an occasional white stripe running through them. Large orange hips are produced from nearly every flower. The rich color of the shrub makes it a natural choice for uses in groupings of 3 to 5 plants in locations to which you want the viewer’s eye to be drawn.

5.  The Fairy


This well-loved rose blooms nonstop from June until frost, with double, rosette-shaped blossoms of light pink. It grows 2 to 3 feet high and wide.

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6.  Flower Carpet Pink Rose

Once established, Flower Carpet® PINK produces over 2,000 iridescent pink blooms on top of rich glossy green Foliage.

This rose is an award winner – three prestigious international gold awards, including one in the All-Deutsche Rose Trial (ADR), notable for its rigorous three-year performance test conducted with absolutely no spraying. When first released, it was the only rose out of 43 entered to obtain ADR approval.

This is a genuinely easy-care groundcover rose – consistently one of the most disease-resistant roses ever bred – ideal for both home gardeners and professional landscapers.

Simple to grow and easy to maintain, without any spraying or even fancy pruning.  All you need is a pair of garden shears and  then cut back,  any-way-which-way,  to 1/3rd of the bush size in late winter/early spring and you’re done.  NO GUESSING, NO WORRYING,  NO KIDDING.

And during the long flowering season, this rose will self-clean so that there’s no need for fancy pruning or deadheading.

7.  Graham Thomas

Probably the best known of all the English Roses and one of the most popular roses in the world. ‘Graham Thomas’ has been voted the World’s Favourite Rose by the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) which represents over 100,000 rose lovers in 41 member countries. The award was announced at the 2009 World Rose Convention in Vancouver, when the rose was inducted into the society’s ‘Rose Hall of Fame’.

Medium-sized, cup-shaped flowers of an unusually rich and pure yellow that is hard to match in any other roses. A vigorous, upright variety that makes a particularly good climber, both in beauty and performance.

The fragrance is fresh tea rose with a cool violet character. It was awarded the Henry Edland medal for fragrance in 2000.

Ideal when grown on a wall where it will repeat flower in several flushes.

Morden Blush

The Morden Blush Rose features showy lightly-scented white flowers with shell pink overtones at the ends of the stems.  From late spring to late summer the rose emerges with distinctive pink flower buds, full double blooms in shades of ivory to pink with deeper blush centers. This flower blooms profusely June to frost.  Petal count is 17-25 with a soft fragrance.  These flowers are excellent for cutting.  The dark green foliage turns yellow in the fall and the fruits are tomato-orange hips that are displayed from mid to late fall.  The  Morden blush is considered one of the most refined of the shrub roses. 3′ – 4′ Repeat

Sea Foam Rose

This is a rambling rose that can be used as a short climber. The creamy white blossoms glow in the nighttime garden. For something dramatic, try Sea Foam trained as a standard.

The first and still one of the finest landscape roses. The gardens at Heirloom have a hedge of ‘Seafoam’ planted along the entrance to our large rose test garden. It covers itself with clusters of eye-catching, creamy-white, double 2 1/2″ blooms (petals 15+) that are set off by the glossy, dark-green foliage. A vigorous, continually blooming trailing rose that is covered continuously with masses of bloom. Outstanding landscape rose.


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