My Autumn Garden Is Taking Shape

Today I bought window box planters filled with the most gorgeous assortment of fall flowers, including Calibrachoa in radiant autumnal colors. Tropical spiciness seems to topple over the sides.  Calibrachoa, an anuual, is also called Million Bells.

In the center of the planters, Purple Fountain Grass is planted.  Oh, how I wish that this grass were perennial in my Zone 7 garden.  I plan to bring the window boxes into my sunroom for winter.  I’m anxious to see how the Purple Fountain Grass and Calibrachoa fare inside.

Purple Fountain Grass

Reaches 2 to 4 ft. tall, 2 to 3 ft. wide.

Popular, drought tolerant grass forms neat clumps of purplish maroon blades. Topped by rose red flower spikes summer through fall. Beautiful as landscape specimen or planted in groups. Provides quick annual color in any climate. Unlike the species, this cultivar does not reseed. Perennial in warm climates.

Heuchera Coral Bells Purple Palace

Heuchera is perennial here.

The following photo shows a variety of ornamental cabbages together.

Creeping Jenny


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  1. Looks amazing, those purples are so full and rich (particularly the cabbage) that they almost don’t look real!

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