Winter Comes Too Soon


Things are getting crazy at my bird feeders.  There is a feeding frenzy. Already fat birds and squirrels cannot seem to get enough food.  The same as I, my animals know that regardless of how furiously we prepare, it will not be enough. In New Jersey, winter comes too soon and it lasts too long.  And such is life.

I myself am beginning to experience a pre-winter panic.  I am almost 66 years old, and with limited resources, it does not seem that I, by myself, will be able to get my house and my garden ready for that long winter’s nap–the final one that precedes our totally passing away. This past season, I worked each day in my garden–from almost dawn to dusk. I realize that the winter of my life is just around the bend, and I am frantically trying to make my nest.


This season, I enlarged and created new garden beds and experimented with new colors.


I reworked the water features and even added another pond so that my waterfall could be higher and longer–again, such is the race in life.


I began building decks and trellises.


And I began building more raised beds, too.

I have even begun to build a little potting shed–I canclearly   visualize it, with shudders, s bit of gingerbread, and shingles.  It will seem as though I have a little Victorian dollhouse in one of my garden areas.  But it is October.  I am realizing that I will not have that little dollhouse this year, because winter is coming too soon.

“Began” is an operative word for all the projects that I have started this past month.  In my mind’s eye, I can see all the things that, if there were only more time and money, I could create; therefore, I begin one project and soon realize that there is no way that I’ll finish it before the snows.  In frenzy-like behavior, I dart across my yard and begin another–and another–and another.


In early summer, my garden was gorgeous–almost perfect; but in trying to better things before it was too late, I have torn things apart and now,  my garden is a mess!.

Why didn’t I begin my nest sooner?

 Life’s Tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late – Ben Franklin

Why didn’t I do lots of things sooner?

Youth is wasted on the young – George Bernard Shaw

Once more, Winter Comes Too Soon.


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