It’s Time to Plant Roses – David Austin Sale Coupon

Last spring, I visited a neighbor’s garden, and her Louise Odier Roses were in full bloom. The Louise Odier Rose smells like an old garden rose should smell, and it has the natural elegance of an old garden, Bourbon rose. It can even be trained as a short climber. Louise Odier is delicate and pure pink. In my estimation, it seems like the perfect rose for my small cottage garden.

Very Short Climber – Excellent Fragrance

“One of the best and most beautiful of the Bourbons. ‘Louise Odier’ is very much of the same mould as ‘Reine Victoria’, having all its virtues but with more robust and bushy growth. The richly fragrant flowers are a lovely warm pink, shaded with lilac. They are beautifully formed, cupped at first, opening flatter and neatly rounded with each petal precisely in place. Like ‘Reine Victoria’, it repeats well throughout the summer. A disease resistant shrub with plentiful foliage, thick prickly stems and vigorous growth – it can be trained as a short climber in warmer climates. (Margottin 1851). 5 x 4 ft.”

David Austin Catalogue Here

I received a coupon code in my email. Feel free to try it for yourself:





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