Planting Celery in My 2016 Early Garden

Today, I bought a tray of celery plants, ready to transplant into my garden. Celery is not the easiest plant to grow, but a couple of years ago, I learned that it is a vegetable that is totally different when grown in the garden and eaten fresh from there.

  The following tells how to plant celery:

1.  Plant directly in a raised bed, filled with pure compost

2.  Supplement the soil with an equal mix of epsom salt,   bone meal, and blood meal [or Trifecta]

3.  Full Sun

4. Plant seed starts not seeds

5.  If more than one plant is in the start, pinch out extra plants.  You only want 1 plant per space.

6. Plant about 1 foot apart


7.  When the plant has doubled itself, blanch the stalks by pulling dirt around the stalks–only allowing the leaves to show







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