Watching My Garden, As It Awakens

On March 9, I spotted the first blooming crocus in my garden. I have decided to try to record the time that everything awakens from last year’s plantings.

crocus-2016-striped-adjustedThe very first flower that I noticed was this striped crocus. I allow some of he leaves to lie on my beds during the winter, and when the first flowers poke through, there are always leave around them. In one way, I’d like for things to be a little less natural, but in another way, I like things just as they happen. It almost looks like the awakening of a woodland garden.

Soon after I saw this striped crocus, I began to scout around and I found a purple one, too.



Two days later, on March 11, I noticed that the miniature Siberian Irises were blooming early in the morning, and by mid-day, a miniature daffodil had also joined the parade.



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