Tips for Flower Photography


May – October Is the Best Time for Photographing My Garden

Buy the Best Camera Equipment that You Can Afford

I have a Nikon D5100 Camera and an Iphone 6s, I should be in good shape for photographing flowers, but unfortunately, neither of my cameras can completely compensate for me if I don’t learn a few basic tips for photographing flowers.

Digital camera settings for flower photography

Shoot in RAW format
Set White Balance to Daylight

Set your camera to a low ISO setting [100 to 200
Use a small aperture for maximum detail
Use a large aperture for a blurred background
Use single shot drive mode, rather than continuous

More Tips

Use a tripod
Use a remote cable release
Avoid photography in bright sunlight. The diffuse light of an overcast day is better
Use a reflector to either provide extra light or to shade the flower from excess light
Consider using flash discriminately
Shoot from eye level
Isolate the flower from excessive or unattractive background
A telephoto lens and a wide aperture can help reduce background distractions
If you cannot get a desirable photograph outside, restage it inside
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Flower Photography with a Nikon D5100


To access the Information Display, press the I button to the right of the eyepiece on the back of the camera.



How to Change the Nikon D5100 Camera Settings:


“You can adjust the White Balance setting in a few ways:

  • Quick Settings screen: You can get to this screen by pressing the Info Edit button. Press once if the Shooting Info screen is already visible; otherwise, press twice. After highlighting the White Balance option, press OK to display the menu shown on the right. Highlight the desired setting, and press OK.


Shooting menu: You also can adjust the White Balance setting through the Shooting menu. Going this route gives you access to some additional White Balance settings.


Turn on the camera, and you will see the above screen.


Press the I Button to see the above screen

The top control determines the Quality of the file — Raw, Jpeg, etc. Click the arrows down or up to see the options for quality


Raw + F shoots a Raw File + a Fine Jpeg [2 files required].  This is good for people just beginning to use Raw.  There is a Jpeg backup.  Your card will hold far fewer shots in this mode.

Set your camera to a low ISO setting [100 to 200]

“You can’t adjust ISO in Auto and Auto Flash Off exposure modes or in Night Vision Effects mode. In any other exposure mode, adjust ISO as follows:

  • Quick Settings screen: Press the Info Edit button to shift from the Shooting Info display to the Quick Settings display. Highlight the ISO setting and press OK to display the options shown on the right. Choose the desired ISO setting and press OK.”


Image Nikon D5100 for Dummies Here




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