Painting Title: Janis Joplin – Watercolor on Arches – 2012

Jacki Kellum is an Artist, Designer, and Gardener


Thanksgiving Across the Lake
Watercolor on 300# Fabriano
18″ x 24″
Painted by Jacki Kellum on Thanksgiving 2014


December 1
Watercolor on 300# Fabriano
18″ x 24″
Painted December 1, 2014

Wild Arnica and Lupine painted on location in Alaska 2012

Red Hibiscus painted 2013

Jacki Kellum considers herself a colorist.  Because clear, clean color are essential to her art, she has devoted many years to understanding the physics of color–the way that colors, by their nature, should and should not be mixed–according to their purposes.  An avid gardener, flowers and other bits of nature fuel most of Jacki’s art.  Jacki Kellum considers both painting and gardening to be her artistic media.

“Being an artist is a way of Being–of Becoming Aware–of Increasing from Within–of Wondering–and of Inventing because of that Wonder.” – Jacki Kellum

“Gardening is the same.” – Jacki Kellum

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  1. These watercolors are spectacular! I am so glad that I have stopped on over here to visit your most excellent website! Looking forward to following. All my best to you.

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